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Radomir Antić Srpski
Adress: Spain
Place of birth: Zitiste, Serbia

He started his playing career with FK Sloboda Uzice of Yugoslavia (1967-1968) and then moved to the club where he would play most seasons, Partizan Belgrade (1968-1976). In the 1976 season he signed for...

                In the 1976 season he signed for Fenerbahce before moving to La Liga where he played for Real Zaragoza. In 1979 He moved on to Luton Town, staying until 1984.
               He started his management career with Partizan Belgrade (1985-88) and continued with Real Zaragoza (1988-1991), Real Madrid (1991-1992) and Real Oviedo. His most successful period to date was with Atletico Madrid (1995-98). He won a La Liga/ Copa del Rey double in a 1995-96. He later returned to both Atletico Madrid (1999 and 2000) and to Real Oviedo (2000-2001).
               He joined FC Barcelona in January 2003 to take over from Louis van Gaal. Caretaker manager, Jesus Antonio de la Cruz, took temporary charge of team affairs until Antic took the reins with the team in 15th position in La Liga and well placed in the second phase of the UEFA Champions League.
               Members of the Executive Committee of Football Association of Serbia, were unanimously selected for Radomir Antic selectors "A" team of Serbia.

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