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Home > Culture > Galleries > Virtual gallery ITN: Nenad BRAČIĆ, exibition
Virtual gallery ITN: Nenad BRAČIĆ, exibition Srpski
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Place: Beograd
Title of exhibition: METAPHYSICAL MUSEUM
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Working hours: 00-24h

Nenad Bračić: Metaphysical museum. "The Brick - According to the invention of bricks Akadia kosmogology owes the Narduku God the Creator. By order of things comes after the appearance of brick earth and water, after the birth of life, and before the construction of houses and the city..."

Nenad Bračić - solo exhibition 

"God called the Brick Koulla, prstoveti was created from clay, taken from the primordial river Apson, and oversaw the repair of temples.

Regardless of the practical use of historical, or because of it, leaving a brick symbolizes nomadic way of life and the beginning of urbanization: houses, city, temple. To achieve such a social revolution, it was necessary even divine mediation, a new creative act..."

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