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Home > Culture > Galleries > Virtual Gallery ITN: Radivoje MARKOVIĆ, exhibition
Virtual Gallery ITN: Radivoje MARKOVIĆ, exhibition Srpski
E-mail of Gallery:
Editor in Chief: Vladeta Stojić
Founder: Info-Tours.Net
Mobile: +381 64 38 010 96
Phone/fax: 381 11 494 545
Place: Beograd
Title of exhibition: ″SERBIA, IRONY, EXISTENCE″
Web adress of Gallery:
Working hours: 00-24h

Putting Possessive nouns: Serbian / on / in the names of contractors and varying colors Serbian flags used in items from all-day life, or created in the imagination of artists the author not only wants to irony to the idea of monolithic / unity / one community but also to show that the community possible and richer in diversity and that the self-irony, healthy future for each individual or collective existence.


Exhibition is open from 01/10/2009 to 15/10/2009


Rade Marković, was born in 1957. in Kraljevo, graduated
    Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade. 

    Image of 1982, the sculpture made since 1996, a member of ULUS, status
    independent artists. 

    He has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.
    Lives working in Belgrade: Open studio Rade Marković, Gospodara Vučića 106 Beograd.

    Contact phone: +381 65 3484108.






  • Mladenovac 1992
  • Aranđelovac 1993
  • SNP, Novi Sad 1994
  • Galerija Doma Omladine, Kragujevac 1996
  • Subotica  1997
  • Novi Sad, 2005, 2008, 2009
  • Stara Pazova, 2009
  • Užice, 2009


  • KCB  1992
  • Galerija ²Atrium²  1995,1996!
  • Galerija  ²Alkion²  1996
  • Galerija  ²Bozidar Adžija² 1998
  • Galerija  ²Stara kapetanija² 1999
  • Instituto Italiano di Cultura  2004
  • Galerija  ²Progres², 2006
  • Atelje 212 , 2007
  • Galerija Singidunum, 2008


Out of Serbia



  • “Victoria Jones Gallery”, 2005, 2006

Herceg Novi:

  • Gallery Josip Bepo Benković

Awards and prizes

  • First prize galleries ²Atrium² u Beogradu 1991,
  • Special Prize sculptural furniture at Belgrade Fair furniture 2004
  • Artist weeks leading European online galleries  "Londonart", april 2005


Contact phones: +381 11 244 64 17

                               +381 11 244 87 47

            mob           +381 65 34 84 108

Adres: Gospodara Vučića 106,  Beograd

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