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Renata BUJIĆ, solo exibition Srpski
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"Arbre, L arbre et moi, Partageons chaque jour... Apercevoir au reveil ses rameaux, Me rend heureuse... Chaque regard vers les branchages, M apporte de la joie..."


Renata  Bujić
Painter and art historian

Born December 10.1961 in Virovitica.

Studied and graduated at the Academy of
Fine Arts and Philosofical faculty
[history of art], Zagreb [1985-1989].
She is proffesor of art.
At the art scene is twenty years.
She have had much autonomous and
collective exhibition.

1989. Graduated ALU and Philosophy in Zagreb
1989. active in the art scene in Zagreb
1990. member HDLU, Zagreb
1993. member ULUS, Beograd


Vrtlarska 17, 11080 Zemun
mob. 064 47 92 018

Solo exhibitions:

1999. Suluj, Beograd
2001. Stara kapetanija, Zemun
2001. Madam, Pančevo
2002. Site, Pariz
2006. Manakova kuća, Beograd
2006. Madam, Pančevo

Collective exhibitions shortlist

1998-1993, Salon mladih, Zagreb, Rijeka, Split
1993. Uzlet, MSU, Beograd
1993. Raskrsća, Ulus galerija, Beograd
1995. River art, međunarodna izložba, Stara barutana, Beograd
94./95. Jesenja izložba, UP Cvijeta Zuzorić, Beograd
2000.-2009. Prolećne i jesenje izlozbe, Stara kapetanija, Zemun
2009. Prolećna izlozba, Cvijeta Zuzorić, Beograd
2010. 17. Beogradski salon, Beograd


By Miquel Albornoz, journalist and ambassador of Argentina, from Equador

«...For all of this her poetry transparents her inner 
beauty together with her deep sadness, filtered from 
thousands of tortures but also from hopes wich blow 
in the purity of the words which give audacity and 
transparency to the ideas. Thus and for the life 
persitency which is attached to the perennial atrenght 
of beauty, Renata offers nevertheless e spell of rvival 
always welcome with hope...»


L arbre et moi
Partageons chaque jour...
Apercevoir au reveil ses rameaux
Me rend heureuse...
Chaque regard vers les branchages
M apporte de la joie...
Dans la rue bruissante
Qu les voitures crissent
Et glissent sana cesse,
L arbre et moi
Nous embrassons du regard


Video art

A Woman With One Wing


«En echo au poeme de Renata Bujic, 
une invitation pressante a aller 
decouvrir-precipitez- vous a l espace 
saint-michel [Paris5] 
ou il se donne encore,
 signe de succes pour 
le genre- un superble film classe 
documentaire [denomination bien 
seche dans ce cas!], servi par 
une musique originale et un 
commentaire tout empreint 
de poesie, sans parler 
de la beaute des 
images et, chose 
rare, de la qualite 
des silences...» 

de Briggite



Vladeta Stojić         Arts council  Balša Rajčević,  Nenad Bračić,  Radivoje Marković

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