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South-East Serbia Srpski
South-East Serbia

Difficult to be on the south-east Serbia can speak as the area that is important, substantially different from other parts of the Serbia. And when we talk about people, and when we talk about history, about the geographical features, on the water ... And again ... First, behold, the waters ... For all the waters of the southeast. Dubrovnik is on the West Morava. Near him, in Stalac, Western and Southern Morava meet in the Morava, which is the Sava, you introduced in Sremska Mitrovica and Belgrade, the largest right tributary of Danube in Serbia. And, to say again, Morava, together with the Vardar, eografska and cultural axes Balkans. Noise and Aleksinac are Moravici, which uvire in Morava near Aleksinac. Svrljig the Svrljiškom Timok, who would later become White Timok, meet with black, and as Timok enrich the water in the Danube just Tromeda with Romania and Bulgaria. Niš, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad are Nisava, which enjoy Southern Morava, as well as Spa, on which banks are Prokuplje and Kuršumlija. Leskovac in the Jablanica and Veternica. And they will enjoy in the South Morava river. On the southern Morava were Vladicin Han, Surdulica and Vranje.A Bujanovac is the end when Moravica (one more) and Binačka Morava merged in the southern Morava. From there comes the great river. Fantastic Grdelička gorge on the southern Morava between Leskovac and Vladicin Han. E - 75th Nothing less is not beautiful nor Sićevačka gorge, through which passes Nisava. E - 80th All this water good part of the current through the fertile, wide plains and basins. I make them paradisiac rich. A result-circuiting the very fast, small mountain rivers, flying almost invisible, pitomih and dobroćudnih, in the fall is spring goropadno strong, ljutih, noisy and dangerous. Sources are in the whole of Serbia, and on its southeast, interesting - in the hills and mountains, and their foothills in the fertile plains of south-eastern Serbia, the number of sources. Many of them are thermalmineral, and - medicinal. A strong are one source here often formed river ... The river is bait for sport fishermen, a lot of water here is attractive for the canoeist, kayakers, raftere ... At the Corridor E - 10 has several lakes. Now to mention two, the largest, most important. And ecological, and economic, especially sports and tourism. For each of you experience. These are Bovansko lake between Sokobanja and Aleksinac, and Vlasinsko lake on a large plateau above Surdulica.

To talk about the mountains ...
Krusevac - Jastrebac two, large and small. Aleksinac shares Ozren and noise, and noise and has Rtanj device. Svrljig has Svrljiškom mountains and Tresibabu. Niš has a dry mountains. Above Kuršumlija is Kopaonik, a pitchfork is away from Leskovac, as Prokuplje separated from Leskovac Vidojević and Pasjača. Leskovac is Wednesday Dubočica, vast, fertile plains, and there are mountain Kukavica, which overarches and Vladicin Han. Surdulica between Čemernica with Vlasinsko plateau and Vardenika. Vranje and Vranjska Banja overarches madly mare. Of Bujanovac are Rujen and Kozjak. Stara Planina reach Dimitrovgrad.

To talk about the song, because song is about people ...
In these areas song search of good singers. And throat, and feeling, the soul of fine najrečitije string violin. Here is something primordial and interwoven in the traditional music. Experts say, can, through the analysis you do, relaxed, eyes closed, while the music listening and absorbing, to get to prazvuka, the rhythm and music that is in the genes of every man. Just as in the genes and the urge to keep the head above water, to eat ... To talk about history, because it is an integral part of the story on every man, every nation. Medevil state in the whole of Serbia, left remarkable cultural monuments. And traditional rulers memory of dignity and time. Hence the often encounter the Nemanjić, with the prince and princess Milica Lazaro ... A last reminder of the Rome and Vizantiju, through monuments, archaeological sites. At the time resemble more the older sites, but, often, and customs preserved for thousands of years in the song and play, costumes, rites, tradition, home ... Found in the ceremony, the decoration, the word that associated with the old times ...

To speak the language ...

Each end here has its own dialect, and yet all well understand.

To talk about food and drink ...
In this way food is represented by a lot of fruit and vegetables. And herbs are medicinal and aromatic plants defend on St. John, or Midsummer, which is - of John Biljoberu. In Europe, the paganskih time, this day reminds us of the link man and nature ... Najmirisnije, and najlekovitije plants grow in the high mountain pastures, in the struggle with the wind and stone. Who in this area test traditionally cooked food, is not forgotten. Sanjaće the tastes and smells. And even if the bay is a good local wine ... Modern dietitian and nutritionists have introduced the terms''biologically valuable food'',''healthy''food, and the like, thinking, in addition to food preparation in which the value of its natural ingredients and store in the preparation, that the body receives what is Hello, you need, well ... And has recognized that such and recipes and how to prepare traditional national cuisine in Serbia.

To speak a little about the people ...
Careful in the first contacts. Strict odmeravaju and premeravaju your every gesture, his every word, as well as new acquaintances. And if you worship your trust, you and your soul and the gates of his home. Delić honestly with you and your joy and your sorrow, your joy poklanjaće you as children, dignity will save you from your sadness. Wise they are. In Aleksinac say:''The evil wound healed, but never the word evil.''And more. Be prepared to be found on your account. But to the people who will first make a joke about yourself. And by the width in this area measure a man. E - 10, southeast Serbia. Roads, railway connections, air corridors, rivers, mountain chains, song, food, mentality, history ... In Rüsen wars, razaran in peace restored, built ... And much more associated with these regions, and these people. And many that would and could interest you in particular. A spirit of curious tourists are never resting. And when the body is resting, the spirit of search opportunities ...

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