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Bela Crkva (White Church) Srpski
Population: 25,64
WEB site:
Zone: Downtown

Beautiful town in the extreme south of Banat is situated 96 km to the east of Belgrade, on the border with Romania. Beautiful nature, old streets and facades Baroque style, parks and lakes, make this unique settlement oasis for tourists. 

Quiet and slow rhythm of life visitors feel relaxed and refreshed. On the wider area has 25,639 living in the city of 12,304 inhabitants.
Mountain air that comes with slopes Carphatian, a large number of sunny days a year, local cuisine and other amenities provide the opportunity for genuine relaxation and unforgettable holiday.
Visitors especially delighted beautiful, crystal-clear lakes of the six suitable for swimming. Visitors can choose lake with wild beaches, totally surrounded by nature nedodirnutom or opt for the lake with all the possibilities that an urban beach offers - showers, restaurants, pastry shop, sports courts, water sports, pedoline and sailing boats for rent ...
If you decide to visit the White Church obligatory visit the oldest museum in Vojvodina, founded in 1877. yr. In addition to the archaeological collection contains works Bela Crkva's painter from the nineteenth century.
The tourist season opens the event "Carnival Flowers", which has a tradition of more than 150 years. Many visitors are the most beautiful gardens, courtyards and balconies, and on the final evening flower carnival exhibits running streets of the city.
Environment White Church is the repository for themselves and recommend visitors to choose the bicycle as a means of transport. Hills covered orchards and vineyards in the middle of "flat" in Vojvodina, surprise for all. In the vicinity and the river Danube, Nera, Karas, channel Danube-Tisa-Danube mentioned that the lakes are a perfect place for fishermen. "HUNTING IN BESI - fishing Soma-kapitalca is known throughout the event that held flying in honor of 100 kg hard copies of Soma (which is more than one person, but it never saw no one could catch). We recommend that you try the clam chowder and specialties in one of the restaurants in Stara Palanka, the village at the mouth of the channel Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal and Danube rivers, 10 km away from the White Church. If you want to visit the old Roman fortress Ram, you can drive scaffolding over the Danube.
Deliblatska peščara ("European Sahara ") unique in Europe, is located at 15 km from the White Church. This is a special nature reserve, known resort and hunting ground on the big game. Part of this area out of the Danube where najraznovrsnijih known habitat of birds and one of the largest reserve marsh birds "Labudovo okno".
Hill slopes White Church ornamented orchards and vineyards. Centuries-old tradition of cherishing held until today, and the white church known for its quality grape, pears, apples and the apple brandy. Events "Bela Crkva in the apples" is the path of the youngest but has become more recognized and promoted natural and tourist potentials.
Picturesque environment, the wealth of water surface, the unique flora and fauna, this area make the most beautiful areas of Vojvodina and especially South Banat and therefore rightly deserves the epithet: WHITE CHURCH - Tourist HEART South BANAT

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